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What’s happening in Palestine?

The brutal and inhuman actions during Ramadan that took place in Sheikh Jarrah targeted one of the holiest locations in the world which tie all three major religions together; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Death toll in Gaza has reached 253 – 66 of whom were children, 39 women and 17 elderly people.

1948 people were also injured.


How genuine is Western Intervention?

The authenticity of the West in regards to the ceasefire between Israel-Hamas has been one hell of a ride.

One could not help but ask how genuine it is to set a house on fire and then call the fire brigade to extinguish the flames.

Joe Biden altered his stance as he took credit for the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.
However, Biden is one of the main accomplices with his administration’s approval of $735 million arms sales to Israel.


Although Labour party recognises the struggle of Palestinians and questions the British government to take necessary action to force the Israeli government to stop its war, the current British government rejects this.

Foreign minister James Cleverly, refers to Israel’s actions as a response to a ‘terrorist organisation.’

Jeremy Corbyn questioned Britain’s military relationship with Israel. He asked whether any weapons or munitions sold by Britain have been used to bomb Gaza.

The Tory minister refused to respond and stressed the rights Israel have, to defend itself.

The question to ask is how can one not openly condemn the acts of a child killing force but call for both sides to end the “war” and take a neutral stand in an apparent genocide which is taking place?

The Disparate West

Contrastingly, the world has seen a genuine approach from Western angles too.

Despite Italy being one of the main providers of Israel’s major arms, port workers in Livorno refused to load a ship carrying weapons underlying the fact that they don’t want to be “an accomplice in the massacre of the Palestinian people.”

Additionally, there are efforts from Democrats to put a block to the $735 million arms sale confirmed by Biden’s administration.


The So-called Harmoniser: United Nations

Considering UN’s ineffectiveness, it seems that major authorities of power are in favour of the illegal acts of Israel.

It is impossible to reject this statement considering how on many occasions, Israel was the most condemned country in the United Nations General Assembly without any sanctions.

Israel is almost never held accountable for its’ actions where blame is shifted to the actual victims of this suffering – Palestinians.

Therefore, Israel continues to brutally attack Palestine as there are no consequences for them in return.


Where Does The Western World Stand?

Today the Western world is playing the Russian roulette again in the Middle East.

When the loaded chamber aligns with the barrel, the gun will kill the player. However, no matter how much strategy you put into the game, this is a game of chance that can kill any party.

Hence, the Western world who are fuelling Israel with weapon deals behind closed doors, should also be cautious.
A Pro-Palestinian union is emerging as there are leaders who are strictly condemning the actions of Israel. Evidently, Turkey, Sudan and Pakistan are trying their best to raise the Palestine issue at UNGA.

Whilst enduring all the casualties that took place, Palestinians also have a very tough job of educating the world of the price they have been paying since 1948 to protect their motherland.

Additionally, power of social media has become so inclusive as more people started speaking out and sharing circulating videos of the current events.

People have become sensitised to the digital apartheid and brutal genocide of children and civilians in Palestine.

The world is no longer deprived from understanding, perceiving, sensing and judging the ugly truth Israel are shamelessly carrying out.


So what is the actual intention behind this ceasefire?

Is it to put an end to all the backlash Israel has faced so that they could continue with their business when the Palestine trend sees a decline on social platforms? Or is it a true signal for stopping the fight?

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