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Why Bees are Disappearing From the UK and Why it Matters

A look at why certain species of bee are declining in the UK and the effects this could have in the future.

I Wish You Did

I never got to say good-bye to my grandfather and to this day I still fight the thoughts of not giving him more attention when I should have the most. I wish I could apologize and make it up to him. He's lifted me to be a paragon of virtue and class yet even months after his passing, I find myself stuck in the valley of fallen kings.

Something More After the Smoke

Reflecting on heroes and other instances of love during and throughout the destruction of the Greek wildflowers

Wetherspoons Shuts Down its Social Media

Wildly popular UK pub chain JD Wetherspoons closed all of its social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Tim Martin, the chairman of the company gives “the current bad publicity surrounding social media” as a main…

Snowy London

It is now the third day of snow in London and it is mesmerizing. Waking up in the middle of a Siberian snow blizzard while still in the comfort of your warm and nice London home, isn’t it a dream? I woke up this morning, very early to…

Who Am I

Who am i? Am I just another student in the corridor, or am I just another person on the tube making my way to work. To some I will be just a strange face, and then to some I will be a loved one, someone they care for, someone they hold with…

R.I.P. Dolores

Monday 15th January was just like every other Monday, I was painting my nails with an antique pink nail polish scrolling down my Facebook homepage as usual, and it was filled with fun videos of dogs running happily towards their owner’s arms…

Halal Place App Review (Interview #7) 

‘Halal Place’ is a new app with a database of halal places in the UK. Through a fantastic conversation with Syed Ahmad, the Chief Executive Officer of ‘Halal Place’, I got the chance to have an insight into the development process,…