Movie Review - 1917 - Sam Mendes

Movie review of Sam Mendes' highly anticipated WW1 drama '1917' starring Dean-Charles Chapman and George Mackay

Movie Review - The Lighthouse - Robert Eggers

A review of Robert Eggers' period piece and psychological horror The Lighthouse. Starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson.

Hafod Hardware Advert Captures the Spirit of Christmas and People’s Heart’s Everywhere

An ad released by small, family-owned hardware store has over 1 million hits.

Stolen artefacts, or Finders Keepers?

With King Tut’s exhibit making its last rounds throughout the world before returning to it’s permanent and rightful residency in Cairo, Egypt, his ancient artefacts serve as a reminder that there are still many treasures that lay caged in…

Faith is not

Many characteristics, habits, and behaviours are important for success and for achieving goals, but without faith, these characteristics, habits, and behaviours will eventually fall away.

King Tut's Last Campaign Around The World

King Tutankhamun campaigns around the world for his final time before permanently residing to his throne at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt in 2022. Discovery King Tutankhamun, also known as Th Boy King for his early ascension at 9 years…

Songs that Defined My Personal Growth (and the Decade)

A personal reflection on the end of the 2010s and how music can shape personal growth.

Amnesty International Estimates Over 100 Killed in Iran

Amnesty International has credible reports of at least 146 deaths in cities across Iran since unrest broke out on 15 November. Due to a nation-wide internet shutdown that has lasted since November 16, it is extremely difficult for international…

Homesick: How To Not Miss Home

I’ve been away from home for the past four months, studying and grueling over work. It’s been an inspiring experience to live abroad. I’ve learned so many new things about myself and life. I know I will appreciate this time abroad in the…

Poetry For The Soul, A Five Course Meal

A small collection of poetry by me for you. A Made Headache My brain sits in a brewing fog, a simple soup of nicely sliced worries, some chopped meats from the folds of my cerebral stress. Add a dash of uncertainty for a peculiar taste, sprinkle…