Art: You Either Love it or Hate it

Art is like marmite - You either love it or hate it.

Notre Dame Cathedral to be Rebuilt After Fire

Over €800m have already been donated to repair and rebuild the iconic Paris cathedral following the fire on Monday.

Insensitivity in Politics: Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton fired over insensitive comments on Islamophobia.

The First Black Hole

April 11th 2019 - The day the first 'real' photograph of a black hole was sent back to Earth.

The Dangers of Viral Videos

The dangers of viral videos and the outcome it has on the viewers attempting it or watching it whether they're adults or unsuspecting children.

The Dangers of the Dark Web

A warning and an insight into the hidden dangers of the dark web.

Wikileaks Co-Founder, Julian Assange, Arrested in London

After a seven-year asylum, Julian Assange, was arrested from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

World's Largest Primark Store Offers More Than Just a Shopping Experience

The world’s largest Primark store opens today in Birmingham, offering multiple food venues, beauty bars, charging stations and water fountains.

Waitrose Removes “Racist” Chocolate Ducks from Shelves

A dark chocolate duck, labelled as “ugly,” has led Waitrose to remove the candy from shelves due to racist implications.

Gender Pay Gap Widens in the UK

New gender pay gap figures indicate that the UK has not been successful in evening out the wage discrepancies.