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Reluctance to Meditate

Ena explores the concept of meditation and talks about her journey and experience with different meditative practices such as breathing.

Dealing with Climate Anxiety as a Young Person

As a new generation steps up to combat climate change, it is natural that anxiety and fear will run rampant, here's how you can deal with climate anxiety as a young person.

How To Come Up With Writing Ideas

Struggling to come up with ideas for your article, essay or report? Here are five tips to help you come up with ideas before writing.

Referencing and Citing: The Unexpected University Challenge

Here are three steps to prepare you for referencing and citing at university.

Work, Leisure and Friends at Uni. How Do You Manage?

Find out how to balance work, leisure and friends at uni. It may seem difficult, but it is all about prioritising and acting early.

5 Preparation Tips for Online Exams

With exam season approaching for university students, here are five tips to prepare yourselves for your online exams.

Building Knowledge and Experience During Lockdown

Skill-boosting programmes, documentaries and reading. Job-hunting and being unemployed is frustrating, but here are some methods that will help you through it and allow you to build knowledge and experience during lockdown.

Reopened Schools - Enough for Students to Catch Up on Missed Work?

Find out how an education support package, curriculum-based TV programmes and in-school counselling may allow students to catch up on work.

How to Leave University With Years of Experience

Five key points that will help you leave University with years of experience, ready to take on a graduate job.

How TikTok Landed Me a Graduate Job

How tips and tricks from TikTokers helped me get a graduate job in these uncertain times.

Racism in UK Universities and the Activists Calling for Change

How activists are dealing with racism in UK universities.