My Definition of Mother's Day

Mother's Day is around the corner so I think it's important to reflect on why it is we are celebrating this day. After much consideration and thought, I have come to the conclusion that Mother's Day is more than just to celebrate one woman in your life. It is a day to celebrate women.

Changing the Size of the Fashion Industry

Though there are many people who are aware of the increasing need for inclusivity and diversity in 2020, there are many industry's still lagging behind who have yet to expand their market to welcome marginalized groups, the fashion industry being one of them.

Feast Your Way Through Devour Food Tour

Traveling to an unfamiliar city is full of excitement. The sights and culture can make anyone instantly fall in love with their new surroundings. If, however, there is one thing that distinguishes cities from each other, it’s the food.  In…


Donald Trump Acquitted of all Charges

This is the third president to have been impeached, but not convincted, in the United States.

Green Party Announces Action Plan to Tackle Climate Change

The Green Party presents solutions to environmental, social, and economic issues as the climate crisis looms.

Trending Today: Twitter Communist Are Cool Now

Capitalism isn't cutting anymore for young and restless people. Many claim it's in its late stages and demand for something more. Trending on Twitter today is communism. Can it be cool?


Ground Rules For Life in Isolation

As we enter a new phase in our lives, a phase of isolation, it's important we set some rules during this adjustment period in order to take care of our physical and mental health.

We Are Survivors

Nearly 800,000 people worldwide commit suicide per year, according to the World Health Organization. That means every 40 seconds, a person takes their own life.  Whether it’s mental health issues or they decide that suicide is the…

Coronavirus: Fact versus Fiction

Not all media outlets have your best interest in mind. Here’s what you should know.


Scandal: An Education Misfortune

Scandal in the education system both in the UK and US.

A Movement For Climate Change - #FridaysforFuture

Greta Thunberg the young pioneer for climate change is nominated for a Noble Peace Prize at 16. She inspired a march that was done all over the world on March 15th 2019.

The Young Ambassador's Apprenticeship Fair

I got the opportunity to interview a few of the Young Westminster Foundation's Young Ambassadors about their first community event.


An Introduction to the World of K-pop

In recent years, K-pop has infiltrated western world mainstream music. This article lays out a basic introduction into the genre, in the hopes that you will be converted and give it a listen.
Image Source: Johan Perrson

“Mary Poppins” Review - A Colorful World with a Powerful Message

The words “Anything can happen if you let it!” filled Prince Edward Theatre when the beloved childhood film, “Mary Poppins”, came to life on the stage. And the musical did not disappoint. The audience was invited into the mind of the…

Movie Review - Parasite - Bong Joon-ho

A review of this year's Academy Award's Best Picture winner: Parasite by Bong Joon-ho.

Sports And Games

Premier League January Transfer Deadline 2020

A look into the signings made by the top six in the Premier League before the January transfer window closes.

Mourinho Set for Debut as Spurs Manager

Jose Mourinho has been appointed as the new Tottenham Hotspur Head Coach shortly after Mauricio Pochettino was sacked.

Sterling Left out of Line-up Versus Montenegro

Raheem Sterling has been left out of the England Line-up versus Montenegro in a European qualifier due to a scuffle with team mate Joe Gomez.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

France 4-2 Croatia: Les Bleus Crowned World Champions

France took on Croatia in the World Cup 2018 Final at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

Belgium 2-0 England: Both Teams Coming Home

England played their final 2018 World Cup game against Belgium for a chance to finish 3rd.

World Cup Finals 2018 - France vs Croatia: Preview

France will take on Croatia in the World Cup 2018 final on Sunday afternoon the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.


Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty in Historical Case

Harvey Weinstein, a former powerful Hollywood movie producer, was found guilty on sexual assault and rape charges on February 24. Weinstein made headlines in 2017 when numerous victims came forward about his sexual attacks on them. Around…

20 Years Of Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance is every year on Nov. 20th. It is a day reserved for commemorating all those who suffered from the acts of violent transphobia.  Consequently, This day was created by transgender activist Gwen Smith after the…

Mamun Rashid Charged with Terrorism Offence

26-year-old Mamun Rashid from Whitechapel has been arrested and charged with a Terrorism offence after being deported from Turkey last week.


Hidden Voices - FIFA World Cup 2018

William, Luis, Samir & Kaled discuss their favourite moments of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia for this episode of Hidden Voices.

Hidden Voices - Faith, Identity & Belonging

This episode of Hidden Voices covers all things related to faith, identity & belonging as Samir, Kaled & William host a comeback to the platform. The episode was made in celebration of the Photography & Creative Writing Competition with Paddington Arts.

Hidden Voices: Media Representation

Hidden Voices is ScribersHive's new podcasting programme hosted by our writers and creative artists discussing current events. Each episode is scheduled once a month and gives our audience a chance to hear different perspectives on the issues…

Art Work


Twin Telepathy: Fact or Fiction

My whole life, people have asked me questions like: "What is it like being a twin," "Can you read each other's minds," or "When one of you is hurt, does the other feel pain?" I've always tried to ignore these questions because, to me, they were both absurd and uncomfortable. Today I avoid these questions no more. Today I'm going to tell you what it's really like being a twin.

Area 51 Raid: The Day is Upon Us

In June there was an event created to raid Area 51, millions signed up.

Why Bees are Disappearing From the UK and Why it Matters

A look at why certain species of bee are declining in the UK and the effects this could have in the future.