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The Mystery of the House of Mass Hangings in Delhi

Shock has gone around the city of Delhi after 10 bodies were discovered blindfolded and hanging from a roof. Investigators have dubbed it the House of Mass Hangings.

Putney Bridge Jogger Disappears From Justice

A jogger pushes a woman onto the road which could have killed her for no obvious reason.

Teen Becomes Youngest Female Convicted for Terror Plot

The story of Safaa Boular seems to be concluded after the shocking reveal of how she was moments away from committing an act of terror in the Capital. Boular is the youngest female who has been convicted with the UK's first all-female terror…

Berlinah Wallace Sentenced to life for Acid Attack

Berlinah Wallace was sentence to life three years after throwing sulphuric acid on her former partner to cause intentional harm. Her partner, Mark van Dongen, ended is life having not recovered from the injuries caused by the corrosive liquid.

Affirmative Consent Is More Than 'Reasonable Belief'

Affirmative Consent is the concept of ‘Yes Means Yes’. It is active consent, without room for confusion. It’s time for us to stop only saying ‘no means no’ - we need more than that.

Shooter in Santa Fe Kills 10 People

On Friday morning at 10:14am a shooting took place at the Santa Fe high school: eight students and two teachers have been killed.

Young Man Falls Victim to Revenge Killing

A 26-year-old boy, hero, was killed over a revenge after stopping a gang of raping a girl, 11 years ago

The Hateful Online World of the Incel

The misogynistic 'Involuntary Celibate' online communities referenced by Alek Minassian show a worrying insight into the minds of men who believe they are entitled to sex.

Young Boy Found Dead in Kennington as Crime Rises

A 17-year-old boy, shot near his home in Kennington, South London, died minutes after being found. The victim who was described by his mother as a “handsome boy with a lot of potential”, cannot be named because of legal matters. Pretana…
lynched in peru

Lynched in Peru

A Canadian has been found dead in an unmarked grave in the Amazon jungle, north eastern Peru. A judge has ordered the arrest of two people, suspected of a revenge lynching over a spiritual leader. Sebastian Woodroffe, 41, from the Comox Valley,…