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Trump Travel's ban

On Monday the Supreme Court agreed to allow the enforcement of Trump’s travel ban. After previous versions of the ban were partially blocked last year Read More

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Adding More Fuel to a Never Ending Fire

In the early hours of Wednesday morning on various social media and news outlets, previous speculation about US President Donald Trump’s decisions turned out to Read More

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Mladić: is it over?

It has been more than 20 years since the Srebrenica massacre, the greatest genocide in Europe since the Second World War. If, like me, you Read More

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Trump's Twitter Frenzy

Donald Trump has been at the centre of controversy for a long time now and has increased the amount of hate he has brought to Read More

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Place of Worship Engulfed in Terror

It’s a shame that innocent people always pay the price in wars with different agendas. Though religion has become a more controversial topic in recent Read More

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Standardisation of the Press

At the centre of debate since the late 20th century, the news media has been a powerful tool in spreading information worldwide. From leaks to Read More

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Zimbabwe’s new President

After the ex-President Robert Mugabe was forced to resign , Emmerson Mnangagwa took his place as President of Zimbabwe. He took his oath on November Read More

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