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Reluctance to Meditate

Ena explores the concept of meditation and talks about her journey and experience with different meditative practices such as breathing.

Finland 0-2 Belgium: Red Devils On Their Way

Belgium played Finland in their final game of the Euros group stages.

Ukraine 0-1 Austria: Baumgartner the National Hero

Ukraine played Austria in their final game of the UEFA 2020 Euros group stages.

North Macedonia 0-3 Netherlands: Oranje Top Group C

The Netherlands top Group C after beating North Macedonia 3-0 in their final group game of Euro 2020.

Switzerland 3-1 Turkey: Turks Bow Out of Tournament

Switzerland secure a third place finish in the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament after beating Turkey 3-1 in Baku.

Italy 1-0 Wales: The Unstoppable Azzurri

Italy played Wales in their final game of the group stages.

Spain 1-1 Poland: Lewandowski to the Rescue

Spain played Poland in their second game of the UEFA 2020 Euros.

Portugal 2-4 Germany: Deutsch Machine at Full Throttle

Portugal played Germany in their second game of the UEFA 2020 Euros.

Hungary 1-1 France: Elite Goalkeeping by Gulasci

Hungary draw against France after a spectacular performance from their goalkeeper Peter Gulasci in Euro 2020.

England 0-0 Scotland: Lethargic Lions Falter Again

Match report on the 0-0 draw between England and Scotland in the second game of the group stage

Croatia 1-1 Czech Republic: Schick Scores Controversial Penalty

Croatia draw against Czech Republic in their second game of the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament.