FLEE Media’s Afshin Rohani reports on an organisation that challenges stereotypes, stigmas and negative media narratives surrounding Black fathers.

Dope Black Dads is ran by a group of Black fathers from London, New York and South Africa to promote both positive and constructive conversations around fatherhood in the Black community.

As stated on their website the aim for Dope Black Dads is to “provide a progressive discussion around the male parenting experience, discussing the highs and lows of what it means to be a Black father in today’s society.”

Group Founder Marvyn Harrison created a WhatsApp group last year on Father’s Day to congratulate all of the positive Black fathers he knew for the influence they had on their children and helping change “the perception of Black men for the better.”

Since then the group has been expanding to support more Black men with topics including co-parenting, co-habiting, marriage, fatherhood, blended families and much more.

The link below is a short video created by FLEE as Afshin interviewed group founder Marvyn Harrison to find out about the amazing work he’s doing:

Born Human – Being a Dope Black Dad

Dope Black Dads continues to grow and change societal perceptions for the better. You can follow them on Social Media to find out more about their new podcast in collaboration with BBC Sounds.

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