Far Cry’s fifth instalment is set in Montana, USA instead of the exotic locations of deserts, jungles and mountainous regions in the previous games.

You begin the game as an unnamed rookie that never talks throughout the game but you can customise how they look even though it is a first-person game.

With a marshal and other police officers, you are assigned to fulfil an arrest warrant of the antagonist Joseph Seed aka The Father.

However, you come to realise this region of the United States is in the full control of the Father and arresting him was never a possibility due to his followers killing themselves to free their leader.

Nonetheless, the helicopter that was carrying the Father crashed and the operator who was in contact with the sheriff did not report the crash.

The incident went unnoticed in the outside world. Unfortunately, I never was able to find the operator.

Only the rookie manages to escape and everyone else is either captured or unknown and now you have the option to begin liberating one of three regions controlled by the Father’s family.

To confront the region bosses, you have to fill the resistance bar and there are 3 bars to fill which leads to meeting a boss.

Once you fill a bar, while you’re roaming about, you get captured and confront the boss and usually in the first capture the Father is present.

The first region I explored is John Seed’s region where it is mostly farmland.

His motto was “say yes” and he was torturing one of the deputies from the helicopter crash.

The second region I explored was Faith Seed, she is in charge of producing Bliss, a hallucinogenic drug that creates mindless human drones.

She insists that being free from world attachment will make you happy.

The third and final region I visited is Jacob Seed, a Gulf War veteran in charge of creating soldiers.

He divides people between the weak and the strong with survival of the fittest as his motto.

After defeating all the bosses, you unlock the final mission to confront the Father where it all began, an island in the middle of the 3 regions.

While the story stays true to the previous Far Cry games, none of the villains are as memorable as Vaas Montenegro in Far Cry 3 or Pagan Min in Far Cry 4.

The online multiplayer is surprisingly good for a story-driven game.

The only two game modes are death match and team death match but the maps vary from fighting on two pirate ships to becoming small soldiers in a massive children’s bedroom.

There is also an option where players could create their own maps but it takes a while to do so.

Rating –

The rating I give this game is 8.5 but it could have been higher if the story was written better.


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