Almost two weeks ago, the world of football was shocked to hear about the disappearance of Cardiff City’s newly signed striker Emiliano Sala.

En route to the Welsh capital many had speculated that the small plane carrying the Argentine with pilot David Ibbotson crashed in the waters of the English Channel on 21st January.

After news spread of a possible plane crash at the start of the week, Guernsey Police rigorously searched an area spanning 280 square miles of water but failed to find any sign of life.

The search for the pilot and footballer was called off shortly by officials after searching for hours with different aircraft and lifeboats for possible signs of a wreckage.

Both Cardiff and Sala’s former club Nantes shared their condolences with fans on both sides were pictured distraught by the the tragic news of the disappearance.

When the three-day search was called off by Guernsey Police, Sala’s agent started an online appeal that managed to raise £324k for a private search led by David Mearns.

Mearns, a marine scientist and oceanographer worked together with Air Accidents Investigations Branch as well as the Geo Ocean III to find the wreckage.

Once the plane came under detection of sonar 67m below surface, a camera was sent underwater to confirm the wreckage of the Piper PA-46.

On Thursday 7th February, a body was recovered from the wreckage and taken to land.

In Dorset, a coroner formally identified the body of the 28-year-old Argentine striker. After two weeks, Emiliano was finally found.

Nantes released a statement regarding their star player shortly upon discovery. The article stated that the Sala will now be immortalised in the club’s history.

“FC Nantes had the immense sadness to learn this Thursday that the body found was that of Emiliano Sala. This news puts an end to an endless and unsustainable waiting.

“Emiliano will forever be part of the legends that have written the great story of FC Nantes.”

Romina Sala, Emiliano’s sister, dedicated a post to her late brother saying: “Your soul in my soul, it will shine forever thus illuminating the time of my existence. I love you, tito.”

Funds are now being raised by the family of the missing pilot to find David Ibbotson’s body.

Source of Image: Sky Sports

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