Forbidden Fruit is the name of a new track by Mick Moon & YASMYN. Not only are both artists independent, but siblings of Estonian and Dominican Descent who produce solo and featured compositions with the aim of subverting typical styles.

With the music video out now, I was given the chance of getting an exclusive look at the piece before its launch.

The short film directed by social activist and creative, Anrike Piel, is reflective of the beat produced by Mick Moon – a slow jam that syncs with the mood of an aesthetically pleasing video which I personally describe as beautiful mysticism.

“The melodies in this are really trippy, but not in an obvious way,” YASMYN explains. “I believe the song really lures you to listen to its many layers and harmonies, leaving you hypnotised.”

This is defined as a new sound by the artist who strives to create interesting and innovative music in an industry where beats can at times be monotonous regardless of any strong messages.

Mick Moon produced the beat in their apartment after purchasing full studio equipment. “We listened to the beat, which my brother also produce himself, started jamming and got the hook.

“We didn’t really know what to do for the verse so Mick just pressed record, I freestyle’d the verse on the track and voila – Forbidden Fruit it is.”

The song is an ode to a late family member while the video, like the beat, combines many layers to poetically reflect the consequence of over-consumerism. YASMYN confirms that by the end, the film illustrates that we as humans are “the kings of pollution”.

Combined with the smooth camera work, praise needs to be given to the impressive, detailed costume design by Lisa Chrislin-Saleh which really gives an artistic flair to the piece.

One of my favourite shots of the video is found in the beginning as both siblings are wrapped head to toe in denim. Throughout the video, material props are used to create the costumes described as Trashion.

“The costume design was all about Trashion,” YASMYN said. “Having fashion run through our family, Mick and I always loved looking good and trying new things, but if we start thinking about fast fashion it’s just not worth it.

“So the whole point of the costume design was to show people that you can look great with recycled fashion. Showing the extreme, Lisa-Chrislin Saleh, Kreete Pillenberg and Elise Brigita Möisamaa [styling, makeup & hair] literally created looks made of waste.”

I particularly loved the denim threads as it immediately reminded me that the material is arguably symbolic of the beginning of industrialisation. And so to have denim at the beginning of the video really emphasised the layers of the topic being conveyed.

Overall, YASMYN describes the day of the shoot as fun despite some setbacks and obstacles. Anrike’s thrive for “the bigger picture” brought the video to completion with the team praised for their incredible work.

When asked what the solution would be for over-consumerism, YASMYN said this: “Everyone needs to start thinking about the bigger picture, know that every choice we make has a consequence.

“We need to stop thinking only of our comfort and instead have to start caring for our planet with common sense. We need to stop thinking that we can change the world if we don’t even know how to start from ourselves.”

The music video for Forbidden Fruit is officially out now and is a must-watch not only for its artistic message, but for the unique talents behind the artists performing.

Take a look:

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