The first thing to note about this title is that it’s not quite as clear cut as it seems.
At least not for me, and probably not for my audience.

Sure, in science, there’s certainly an element of truth to this claim. Everything in nature undergoes some sort of transformation – from birth to death, from growth to decay – yes, these are indeed cycles that are destined to repeat themselves time and time again.

Where my opinion transcends somewhat is within the philosophy behind the science.
It seems to me that growth and decay aren’t just words that describe two magnet-centric and perfectly balanced yet opposing forces of attraction/repulsion.
The two aren’t so much one and the same, nor are they perfectly asymmetrical.

If you’re a glass half full kind of guy, like myself, then growth far outweighs decay and life far surpasses death.
Frankly, it’s a philosophy of life that transcends the science and inspires hope…
Which is the reason why I feel it’s so relevant to write an article about here on this page.

What I would say to everyone reading this is, simply, not to think about the cycle of growth and decay or the cycle of life and death.
Think instead about the cycle of an artists’ legacy.

Because I’m addressing this article to all of you creative people out there.

I’m addressing it to the writers, to the filmmakers, to the photographers, to the painters, and to everyone with a very real and very human desire to transcend the science and inspire future generations in years to come.

The inspiration I’m talking about is the artists’ legacy.
The cycle of student to creator – creator to student.

And if you’re a person with their glass half full, it essentially means that an artist learns and becomes a creator, the creator then falters and learns again, thus becoming a better and more refined creator.

The artists legacy also refers to the idea of leaving behind a part of yourself long after you die – That you can live on through your art and your art can thrive because of your legacy.
In a way, it’s a poetic preservation of your life, granted the ability to affect the lives of so many people, including all the people you never got to meet when your were alive.

The artists legacy is really the transcendent cycle of life – Immortal, hopeful and where life truly does surpass death.


Photo by The Roaming Platypus.

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