Last week, I went on a day trip to Manchester with my interest in the history of its original industrial development and art.

Through exploring landmarks and listening to voice of a well-known tour guide and music venue’s staffs, I understood that Manchester was an optimum place for young artists to get great artistic inspiration.

Josh is a guide of ‘Weekend Manchester Free Walking Tour’, which is joined by over 50 tourists come from across the world every time.

In the beginning of the tour, he said:

“A lot of breakthrough of industry, physics and engineering were born in this city, but most of them are not really known.”

“One of an iconic quote is: “What Manchester does today, the rest of the world does tomorrow”.”

Indeed, the first city-inner railway and the first stored-program computer were made in Manchester.

During the industrial revolution, Manchester flourished as a centre of textile manufacture and its trade. Very popular juice, Vimto was actually was invented in this city by

Noel Nichols at the time of the temperance movement.

I could have a chance to listen to his thoughts and view on Manchester’s culture.

What is the importance of getting know Manchester?

“I hope narratives relate to each of the locations sound Manchester’s real traits behind the artificial tourism attractions, such as Rincon centre or lots of markets.”

How do you think of a reason why many young transferred from London to Manchester?

“Historically, there has been DIY philosophy in this town, and people have created opportunities themselves.”

“Also we have a great number of cheap spaces suitable for the creation and art-related facilities.”

Tripadvisor’s recommendation, The John Rylands Library also welcomed people with the silence and old pupils smell, as if It mixed Hogwart’s big library and secret-small library.

Various materials from folktales to handwritten recordings of science experiment were on the shelves. A concept of the archive is to respect the significant relationship between our language, as well as writing and development of civilization.

Manchester’s creative urban heart is called Northern Quarter.

When I visited a long-standing and local-gathered music live venue, Soup Kitchen, it had already gotten steamed in the heat and of course sound of band music.

I was lucky enough to talk with its lovely staffs.

Do you think Manchester’s music scene/venues are still giving young artists musical inspiration?

“In Manchester music scene, everybody knows each other.”

“It is quite common to see one band plays music and the other bands help/support their life.”

How do you hope the future of Manchester’s music scene?

“We hope more youth bands in European cities will recognize Manchester’s music venues as great chance to show their music to many people.”

“It doesn’t require much money to hire these sorts of small bars or venues and selling tickets might be not so difficult.”

Things people take away from exploring Manchester might be various.

However, I can promise you that you will definitely encounter something you have never seen and listened there.

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