There’s one thing I love and hate about London transport as a disabled person. Let me just put this disclaimer out there that I don’t have as much of a difficult time as those in a wheelchair, but the frustration still stands.

Moving to this country was a shell shock, but it was also very interesting. I liked the fact there was transportation to take me where I needed to go but I disliked the treatment I’ve experienced on the transport as well.

Is it so hard for bus drivers, other commuters or other cars to have the least bit of compassion? I have experienced distress from all three.

Bus drivers are like picking fruit, sometimes you pick the ripe one and other times you pick the spoiled one. Don’t get me wrong I understand that it isn’t easy driving the bus at all kinds of hours.

Does that justify being rude or ignoring a simple command that is there on the bus like pressing the stop button to not have the bus stop at your destination?

One of the first encounters I had from using London transport was almost getting my foot stuck in the closing door. Ever since then I’ve been concern about going on the bus or the train because there might be that one person that is insensitive.

The train has to be one of the worse transports to go on. It’s a given that it’s faster than the bus but the downside of it is that no one and I mean no one has decency anymore.

Going on the train in the early morning has officially become a trigger for my stress and anxiety because of me being so short it is as if everyone forgets that I’m there.

Being rammed in with a bunch of other people on the train is very unpleasant. No one thought it would be nice to offer up their seat unless I go directly to them and request it.

London transport is good if you want to get to plan A to B but when it comes to being accessible for everyone they are sorely lacking in that aspect. It shouldn’t take 4 or 6 stops for someone to offer up their seat when they see someone in need.

The bus drivers need to have compassion especially when it comes to letting someone with a disability off whether or not they’re in a wheelchair.

When it comes to parking the bus to the designated stop, the drivers tend to stop leaving the biggest gap between the pavement and the bus itself. At times it is hard for me to make such a big step without somehow pulling a muscle.

Asking for the driver to drive closer to the pavement it is as if I was asking for a lung but as I said before it’s like picking fruit.

There are those who will drive close enough and lower the bus so I can get on. Like most ripe fruits those drivers are rare. The battle between me and London transport will never end.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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