It’s been nearly 50 years since Apollo 11 landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong uttered those famous words, “One small step for man…One giant leap for Mankind”.

Those are the words that have made history many times over.

First, in 1969 when the Apollo 11 spacecraft finally landed. Then, in the years that followed when Hollywood and the mass media replicated the historic event for TV and the big screen.

It is a beautifully triumphant moment in history that deserves to remain untampered with for all time.

But, as many of us have come to know, time is never set in stone.

And as many of you readers have probably gathered, I’m not just writing this article to glorify such an occasion.

If you’ve come here after reading articles on ‘How the moon landing was faked’, well, I’m here to say to you that such claims may only exist for one very specific reason: to devalue our precious history.

Now, you may still be thinking:

“I wish a momentous event such as the moon landing could have remained under lock and key.” “I wish our ancestor’s memory could have remained true and unscathed.”

Well, I’m here to reassure you that it still can.

You see, it turns out that there are a few amongst us that would see the medal of honour bestowed on Neil Armstrong ripped away. Permanently.

Who are those I’m referring to?

You may have heard of them…

They’re called conspiracy theorists.

Conspiracy theorists give death to history.

Whenever the world comes to accept a certain event as fact, conspiracy theorists are there to say “No” and tear down everything we believe to be true.

When 9/11 happened 18 years ago, conspirators flocked to suggest that the entire event was orchestrated by the US government.

And when the so called ‘revelation’ broke that all of the ex-presidents of the United States were in fact related, conspirators went leaps and bounds to create click bait videos for unsuspecting YouTubers, claiming that the ILLUMINATI (YES, THE ILLUMINATI) secretly selected said presidents as puppets to orchestrate their dominance over the population.

I’d say that’s awfully ambitious of the illuminati to say the least.

You see, these claims do nothing but lure us into a false sense of insecurity and undermine our greatest achievements.

“One giant leap for mankind”. Those words should remain immortal.

But conspirators say no.

Conspirators always say no.

“One giant leap for mankind”. Words that have meant so much to the previous three generations deserve to be preserved.

After all, you’ve heard them, your parents remember them and your grandparents fought to hear them spoken aloud.

Surely the momentous amount of prestige surrounding those words is enough to reassure you that such an event deserves to remain in the public eye as a symbol of our greatest achievements.

It needn’t be swept aside by naysayers and those of us that would see our entire history torn down.

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