From movie reviews, to critiques on world affairs, to pure speculative and non-speculative entertainment, ScribersHive has anything and everything you could ever want.
If anything and everything is what you want of course.

For me, ScribersHive has given me all of the above.
I’ve read and contributed to all of said content and it’s offered me nothing other than what I would call a glorious experience!

You see, writing has always been my forte. Having a platform where I can express my interests is the very thing I’ve wanted from a site like ScribersHive.

As a creative hub, it’s been a place where I’ve been able to centre my interests in genre entertainment, news coverage and in important world affairs.

And as a twin of sorts to You Press, ScribersHive is equally as appealing to those who share the company’s vision of
‘Empowering young people to find their voices through writing and creative arts.’

Well ScribersHive, I can safely say I found my voice.

And if I were to use an analogy, i’d say it was stored like a jack-in-the-box, waiting to be unleashed like a brutish force of nature!

Or rather like a Phantom of the Opera, hiding his true identity beneath the shadow of a mask before finally unveiling himself.

It was as much a surprise to me as anything else in recent memory when I finally found my voice.
And when I heard it, I realised nothing had ever sounded quite so true.

What ScribersHive has really offered me, truly, is the ability to be honest and open about my thoughts and feelings without the restraint of hostility.
Here is a place where I can be honest, open and true to my voice.

Because, at the end of the day, if your voice doesn’t sound like you, I don’t believe you should ever pretend it belongs to you.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my work here on ScribersHive. If any of you are interested in seeing some of my other work, which also includes short scripts, short films and critiques on important world affairs, you can pop on over to my website at:

Photo by Will Stewart on Unsplash.

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