President Donald Trump has at last signed an Executive Order, following the large amounts of public criticism focussing on his policy which caused migrant families live in separation whilst tying to cross the boarder into the United States.

The Executive Order promises to keep migrant families together while their case is prosecuted.

President Trump received strong encouragement from his wife and daughter to drop his previous Policy and their concerns were even seen to be shared with the UK Prime Minster, Theresa May, who also stated how the US were wrong to be detaining these children.

Families illegally attempting to enter the United states are divided, where both the children and parents will be detained separately.

There are no recorded figures to show how many families have actually been reunited, however, a total of 2,342 children have been separated from 2,206 parents.

It is clear that the ethical side of the situation has been overlooked by the President, as he has shown a complete disregard for the welfare and safety for these families.

Once again, putting business and his own personal opinions towards the migrant families over moral standards.

Having a wife and daughter of his own, it would have been expected for President Trump to show empathy for the families.

Yet, it appears the executive order was only brought about as a result of the negative publicity he received, suggesting that the intentions behind dropping his Policy are not because of his own genuine moral conscience.

Although, President Trump did mention “I did not like the sight of seeing families being separated”, his morals are quickly counteracted by his comment stating how the administration would continue its “zero tolerance policy”, making us question his intentions behind dropping the previous Policy.

It is clear he still holds an intolerance towards the migrant families, and his executive order is all for good publicity.

This type of intolerant behaviour has been demonstrated previously in the past, as seen in Nazi Germany.

Once again, a powerful dictator is showing intolerance to those who do not fit his ideal American citizen, and is bringing about separation as a result of this.

In a world full of such a rich diversity and cultures, differences should be embraced.

However, we notice a powerful figure trying to promote separation, and intolerance towards those who are different, as seen when Hitler tried to do the same.

And therefore we must recognise these actions and stop mistakes being made as seen in the past.


Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash

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