The travel to new countries takes an accidental turn into the discovery of oneself. 

I never thought saying something like that, me, looking into the globe of opportunities to run away from the most scrimpy patriotism. 

Seduced by Europe, from the people to their nations; fascinated for those capable to embody the best of their lands from the foreign role.

Erasmus+ taught me to deduce the virtues of young people that, regardless of borders, highlights the values of their culture. 

To appreciate the differences with an opportunity to learn, promotes free-thinking. 

When you understand that everything you know is at the disposal of the world, a nation feels like a house and all the people are friends.

Teaching is learning, share your knowledge in a bag full of presents that you unpack to keep new things, over and over again. 

Cities, faces, voices; gastronomy, dance, words. You can be weird and enthusiastic or maybe talk personal with passion. However, you must be thankful with those that have the courage: courage to show…courage to know.

The past is a lesson to live in the present. The coexistence between countries strengthen their members. 

Europe must strive to become a club of friends where everybody is equal and different at the same time, everybody is valuable.

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