In the Mayan language there is no hierarchy that separates the subject from the object, because I drink the water that drinks me and I am looked at by everything I see. That is why they greet each other in this way: 

  • I am another you
  • You are another me.


Those who grow up in nature learn almost innately to love and respect it and, consequently, also to all living beings who live with you.

I often think that in the capitalist society we eliminate this notion and people become more and more intoxicated until they integrate life dynamics opposed to care and sensitivity with nature.

I find it funny that we apply the term “civilized” to different cultures as something healing when we should really ask ourselves who is the most human here.

Language is a good reflection of society.

Hopefully one day, like the Mayans, we will be able to establish such horizontality, equality, admiration and intention of learning towards everything and everyone around us.

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