Dear Bullied,

Listen now my friend, don’t be afraid. Embrace who you are, your differences and do not mind those who hurt you. For those that matter surely do not mind and those that do mind, don’t matter.

One day you will be at work, on a slow Friday afternoon, and you will be pondering about your younger self and the hardships you’ve endured. It is an interesting idea to comprehend that everything in life happens for a reason. Life has an interesting way of balancing itself out and sometimes it is necessary to hit rock bottom in order to bounce back up to the top.

Once you grow and blossom into a beautiful person, you will realise that the past you’ve lived through does not and will never define who you are as a person. You will realise that your past only provides you with a stepping stone for who you choose to be. I have no doubt that you will strive to become the best possible version of your self and you will live your life with happiness and glee. But for now, know that this feeling will not last forever.

Life is a rollercoaster; it’s full of its ups and downs. What you feel now will not be the same of how you feel next week or next month. You have your teachers and professors to guide you, your friends to support you and your family to love you. So please, do not take comfort in that razor blade or at the bottom of that bottle of booze. Look to your family because they will love you more than anything in the world. That is a guarantee.

As for now, take a moment to relax and let it all out, then rise up and smile again. The world is beautiful, my friend, and we’re all a part of it!

– Christian

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