When Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President without any previous political experience ahead of the political veteran Hillary Clinton, this sent shockwaves throughout the world because it was uncharted waters.

Trump’s presidency so far has been a more of a roller coaster ride than a smooth ride which shone more light on the role of the presidency.

Here are 3 key decisions Trump made that could affect his legacy and the role of the United States in the world.


Trump’s key rally cry for his campaign run for the presidency was to do with immigration but not in a good way. Trump and many of his followers see immigration as a problem to the American way of life even though the country is built upon migrants.

Nonetheless, migration from neighbouring Mexico and other South American countries is seen as a nuisance and threat to American life according to Trump.

So his solution is to build a wall across the American-Mexican border and severely restrict the number of people coming from specific countries even though it is illegal to ban people from specific ethnicities or religions.

The Paris Accords

Climate change affects everyone in the world regardless of their manmade national borders so this is a global issue.

The Paris Accords is basically an agreement signed by nations across the world to limit the carbon emissions.

However, Trump saw this agreement limiting American manufacturing capability and believe the return to coal will thrive again.

Hence, Trump pulled out of the agreement which angered his allies. Even one of the biggest polluters China and war-stricken Syria signed the deal while states like California are trying to pass laws set out in the Paris Accords.

Iran nuclear deal

After many years of negotiations between the global powers and Iran, a deal was signed in 2015 to limit Iranian uranium enrichment for some economic sanctions to be lifted until 2025.

While this agreement is not perfect, it provided a lifeline for peace but Trump believes this was the worse deal ever conducted and ended America’s role in the deal.

This means any organisation conducting business with the Iranian government will be met with sanctions whereas the European Union and other signaturies believe the deal should be upheld. But upholding the deal means meeting American sanctions; so companies such as Total who signed multi-billion dollar contracts for Iranian oil could risk being sanctioned by the American government.

While this may all sound like Trump’s presidency is alienating the United States’ allies there are some redeeming qualities Trump has like the North Korean talks which could potentially lead to the denuclearisation of the region. That is if it does not collapse.


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