Hafod Hardware store released an advert to promote their business during the holiday season. Compared to other adverts released during this time of year, however, this one has a more universal, unselfish message: care about small businesses, and not just our small business, during the holiday season. At a time when UK high streets are struggling, this ad has provided an inspiring message.

Hafod Hardware is a small store in the Welsh town of Rhayader, and is run by Thomas Lewis Jones and Pauline Lewis, a dynamic grandson and grandmother duo. The store has been in the family for over a century. Hafod released their Christmas Advert on December 2 on Twitter, where it quickly got over a million views.

The video stars Jones’ two-year-old son, Arthur, as he helps his grandmother clean the store, wrap presents for customers, and set up the Christmas tree. In the final shot, Arthur magically turns into his 30-year-old dad, as the tagline “be a kid this Christmas” appears.

The ad only cost £100 to make, has been compared to emotional ads produced by John Lewis. Memorably, the 2011 ad The Long Wait tugged at heartstrings everywhere during the holiday season with its simple premise to give more than you get.

Many people have suggested that the ad captures the spirit of Christmas more effectively than multi-million-pound efforts that normally attract media attention during the holidays.

“I think it shows you don’t necessarily need CGI and a huge budget,” Jones said.

Jones and his friend, filmmaker Josh Holdaway, spent a few hours one Saturday making the ad. The £100 went toward music. It just goes to show that a small budget does not interfere with the emotional impact an ad can have.

“I think it has struck a chord because it’s such a simple message,” said Jones. “It’s real and it’s not saying: “Spend, spend, spend.” I think you can tell it’s made by people who care about this business.”

The Hafod store has seen a spike in business, and a spike in people calling the store to tell them that the advert touched them.

One touching message came from a Cornish couple, who said they are planning on visiting Wales this summer and will be making a special trip out to Hafod Hardware.

“To Arthur and his daddy and mummy,” they wrote. “Thank you for reminding us of the true spirit of Christmas with your beautiful film, which touched our hearts.”

Image by Mel Poole or Unsplash.com.

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