Environmental activist group Insulate Britain has become infamous for its “campaign of civil resistance” in recent months, which has seen its members blockade busy roads in and around the capital to draw attention to perceived inaction and insincerity on green issues from Boris Johnson’s Cabinet.

Its demonstrators have risked arrest as well as their own safety to make a point.

Insulate Britain has two stated demands listed on its website.

Their first main demand insists that the UK government fully funds the insulation of all of our social housing and homes in Britain by 2025.

The second demand calls on the state to produce a legally binding plan to take responsibility and fully fund for a low-energy and low-carbon houses retrofit with no externalised costs. They want this to be completed in Britain by 2030.

But it isn’t just the Conservatives and angry motorists caught up in Insulate Britain’s demonstrations who have raised objections to their strategy.

Insulate Britain has so far stood fast, insisting its approach is both effective and justified.

“Humanity is at a pivotal crossroads: accelerated human-caused global heating is threatening to destroy human civilisation unless urgent action is taken to rapidly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions,” they state on their website.

Are their methods effective?

Some of their actions include: blocking the road with protests, gluing themselves to road, protesting between cars on the motorway.

There are several questions that come to mind when looking at the outcomes of their demonstrations.

Do you believe they are right about their ideals?

Do you believe our government is betraying us by not prioritising the protection of our environment?

By not caring more about climate change before it became the bigger issue it is today?

Insulate Britain’s protests are disruptive, annoying – and justified.

Like the Suffragettes, protesters are castigated for taking direct action.

But how else will we wake up to the climate emergency?

Photo by Annie Niemaszyk on Unsplash

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