Reluctance to Meditate

Ena explores the concept of meditation and talks about her journey and experience with different meditative practices such as breathing.

The Photography & Creative Writing Competition 2018

The Photography & Creative Writing competition has officially come to an end with six lucky winner producing some amazing pieces of work surrounding the topics of Faith, Identity & Belonging.

Hidden Voices - Faith, Identity & Belonging

This episode of Hidden Voices covers all things related to faith, identity & belonging as Samir, Kaled & William host a comeback to the platform. The episode was made in celebration of the Photography & Creative Writing Competition with Paddington Arts.

The entire ocean in a drop

I have found my place in the world by accepting that regardless of any marker of identity (religion, race, gender etc.), I am/was/always will be whole and complete. I do not need to chase or obtain anything in order to receive contentment. As Rumi said, I am the ocean in a drop (as literally depicted in the picture !). This is the level of freedom and peace I feel when I remember that my one true identity is a bearer of the world's remedy and natural state: love.


A tale of a Syrian refugee girl in Berlin housed by a German family. Where the son is always nagging him.

The ethnicity tick box

A poem about the struggles of being mixed race in a society that only views being mixed race as half white and half black, rather than the many other mixes.

Run Free, Girls

Tutu, a young girl, attempts to redefine and navigate her life in the aftermath of a civil war in her country.