Are you often stuck with what to watch on a lonely Friday night?
Do you often yearn for something majestic or divine to fill that void?


Okay. Well, I’m not promising anything, but I may be able to help you there.

You see, it’s very easy, in this wonderland of ‘expand your belly and drop your chin’ entertainment, to fall prey to some very intrinsically bad and horrifically underwhelming, *cough cough*, movies.

It’s very easy indeed actually, especially when the word convenience is dialed up to 11.

“Sorry, I didn’t catch that. What is convenience?” asks the media services provider.

I’m looking at you Netflix!

Well, you see convenience is what I would call an unspoken word.
It’s a word that’s actually been deemed a rather filthy one indeed in the here and now of 2019.

Why? Because it’s what media service providers, such as Netflix, thrive off of.
It’s what floats their boat, you could say.
And it’s what they depend on to draw in their profits.

Luckily, I’m here to share with you that I can, in fact, offer you what I would call an alternative treatment to this disgusting, macabre way of consuming entertainment.

It’s called ‘competitive selection’.

Put simply, it means that you don’t just watch whatever’s on TV or whatever’s playing at your local cinema, you instead be selective and watch the very best that entertainment has to offer.

Assuming of course that you truly want to indulge in some truly great entertainment and don’t just want some cheap popcorn flick – because that’s fine if you do – I can recommend to you a guide that might just float your boat.

And here it is…

Rule no.1 – Choose a movie that satisfies at least one emotion.

I feel this is a given with any art form. It’s just a shame that it’s denied to a pretty hefty percentage of films, including those belonging to genres where feeling emotions really does matter.

How much is it to ask, after all, for a horror movie to make you feel scared!
How much is it to ask for a comedy to actually make you laugh!

Rule no.2 – Choose a movie that offers an original, re-envisioned or emotional storyline.

Easier said than done sometimes, i’ll admit.
Choosing a movie that’s entirely original is hard.
Making a movie that’s entirely original is even harder. Any filmmaker would know.

So why not cut them some slack and instead settle for something that offers a unique spin on a familiar story.

If you want to watch a romance, for example, why not spice things up a bit and watch a twisted or gothic romance instead.
Just a thought.

And rule no.3 – Please, please, for the love of god, choose a movie that you can make a half decent meme out of 😉

Wait, what?! What did he say?

Oh, I said it alright.
I’ll leave you to ponder over that one.

Good luck!

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