The second week of the FIFA World Cup was much better in a lot of groups while others pretty much had the same shock factor.

Argentina are yet to get a win in the tournament after Croatia embarrassed them 3-0.

In Matchday 2, the most solid squads have been England, Croatia and Belgium, who have all qualified to the next round without a single defeat.

Performance wise, these three squads have been fluid pushing upfront and getting their teams the necessary wins.

England winning with 6 goals sets a new record as the Three Lions haven’t scored more than 2 goal in a World Cup for the past 30 years!

Gareth Southgate could take England far this year as a quarter final finish would be great for this young squad.

Two solid comebacks have been marred with controversy during the week as Germany and Switzerland saved themselves from elimination.

Swiss players Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri could have potentially faced a ban for their celebrations after scoring against Serbia.

When they scored their goal, both players made an eagle symbol with their hands to represent their Albanian heritage.

This didn’t go down well with Serbian fans due to Balkan rivalry and resulted in their FA lodging a formal complaint to FIFA.

The players were let off, but if they were banned, this could have cost Switzerland’s chances of qualifying.

On the other end, when Toni Kroos scored a crucial last minute free kick to win against Sweden, a lot of Swedish fans went online and scapegoated Jimmy Durmaz.

As a result of his Turkish heritage, the player received a lot of racial abuse which was uncalled for.

So far in the tournament, there have been 97 goals, 112 yellow cards and three red cards which were crucial for their games.

Belgium lead in goal scoring while Spain look good on the ball despite their shaky performances.

Hopefully the next fortnight is filled with more amazing football.


Source of Image: @FIFAWorldCup (Twitter)

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