Donald Trump has been at the centre of controversy for a long time now and has increased the amount of hate he has brought to himself worldwide after becoming the leader of the United States last year.

The 45th President and certified keyboard warrior had many in anger after re-tweeting three old provocative videos on Wednesday posted by Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of English hate group: Britain First.

The so-called political party has been made famous for their anti-Muslim and migrant agenda, with Trump re-tweeting videos showcasing ‘Islamic terror’.

Many on Twitter and other media outlets were quick to point out that one of the videos had been debunked and the 71-year-old was trying to spread more hate against Muslims and other minority groups.

Having already implemented the travel ban to selected countries, it is evident that Trump shares a hate for Muslims and migrants, something that supporters of the Republican Party voted him in for.

After Trump’s usual negative activity on Twitter, British Prime Minister Theresa May stated the hate videos were wrong.

The President responded by telling May to basically mind her own business, further showcasing xenophobic comments on his twitter feed.

Not only this, Britain First deputy leader Fransen responded with a thank you video to the Trump thanking him for the re-tweets.

In the video she asked the President for help on behalf of those who “fought, bled and died” for Britain to have freedom of speech.

It’s funny she should say something like that as Asians and Africans (many of them Muslims) have fought against their own will for Britain’s safety in both World Wars.

What this shows us is that people like Fransen, who do not bother to check up history, will always spread the negativity and falsehood.

As for Trump, he is the leader of one of the world’s biggest superpowers.

He should spend less time on social media and actually do something for the betterment of his country.

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