Wildly popular UK pub chain JD Wetherspoons closed all of its social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Tim Martin, the chairman of the company gives “the current bad publicity surrounding social media” as a main reason.

Founded in 1979, Weatherspoons is a national chain across UK and Ireland. With awards for its design, food and drinks, community and facilities and employers, the chain has an annual profit of £51.2 million.

The chain, however has been at the centre of controversy in the past, when just about a year ago, a twitter account posted, that the staff would not be able to wear poppies on Remembrance Day while working.

The current Facebook scandal, has been pointed as another reason, for the company to shut down all its social media profiles.

Currently, JD Wetherspoons owns 904 pubs, 44k Twitter followers and 100k followers on its Facebook page.

Martin and the management team of the company do not believe that closing the social media accounts will affect the success of the business.

On the official Twitter profile, Wetherspoons stated they still will be vocal through Wetherspoons News magazine and the Wetherspoons app.

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