It’s no secret that the UK only gets a few bouts of sunshine during the spring and summer while the rest of the year is spent in cold wind and rain.

For the first time in about seven years in Paddington however, snow finally settled in the grass, giving us that ‘white Christmas’ that we always saw in the movies.

Beautiful as it is, the cold that the recent storm has brought with the snowflakes can be somewhat traumatic at times.

It’s not until you go out into the balcony in your pyjamas does the cold show its sadistic side as the frost pierces through you.

There have been times in the last couple of weeks where I’ve gone out to the balcony to collect drying clothes and come back in looking like a human popsicle.

Keeping gloved and socked during these months is going to play a vital part in keeping you safe from being frozen.

Don’t deny yourself from the warmth unless you’re a masochist, then I guess frostbite and chill blains will be something of great pleasure to you (madman).

But on a serious note though, some of the residents in old council blocks built in the post-war era have great problem whenever winter comes knocking.

Though I live in a pretty solid structure, one problem that keeps on coming during the winter are the floorboards in my room soaking wet with puddles.

After years of extensive cleaning with no change, I can conclude that the reason why my bedside is always damp is due to poor insulation and room planning.

The heater is right underneath the window!

The combination of the hot air beneath and the cold from above creates a condensation effect which after a few hours, create puddles in small pockets, no matter how much you clean it.

Not only this, the cold air effects the walls and ceiling surrounding the window, creating many damp surfaces.

After a while the damp walls give way for mould to grow, which is never a good sign when you sleep with you head faced towards the window.
Bronchitis is certain.

The council need to stop delays after constantly booking assessments and deliver before I slip in a puddle and freeze to death.

Insulation is key!

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