According to the theory of the multiverse, there are infinite worlds as there are endless possibilities of our existence. It is supposed that these realities are not in contact with each other.

But in ‘Multiversum’ written by Leonardo Patrignani in 2012, everything is possible.

Alex lives in Milan; Jenny lives in Melbourne. A thin filament links their lives since forever: a telepathic dialogue that occurs without warning will bring both of them in a state of unconsciousness and chaos, where they can communicate with few words each time. Until they decide to meet and discover a truth that will entirely change their lives, destroying all certainty about the world in which they live.

Both can talk to each other with their minds. It is an event that they cannot control, like a sudden illness, but able to get them to communicate even at a considerable distance between them.

Thus, both characters since childhood can travel first with their minds then, also physically between the multiple dimensions of the universe.

The story of the novel is based on the choices of the protagonists.

The two protagonists are alternating moments of introspection, to others more reasonably linear, but this is also because the novel has no flights of fancy. The book is not lost in conjecture or technical details of the multiverse: but focuses on the story of the two protagonists.

At the end of the first book, the parallel realities seem to be out of control, and someone tries to obstruct Jenny and Alex. The shocking news of a deadly asteroid which will destroy the earth if no one intervenes. Indeed, the first book of this trilogy ends with more questions than the answer given.

The three books are introspective, Patrignani will carry your imagination in a world that seems completely different, but at the same time consistently similar. The writing style used by the author is dry, direct and the ambience of circumstances is well portrayed.

The monologue of the two protagonists makes the reader understand the circumstance of these similar worlds, where I found myself to think of which decision I could have made if I only have the possibilities to experience such an extraordinary adventure. Alex and Jenny are just teenagers, both 16 and still need to see and understand the world. However, during the three books it’s possible to see their growth, and their love becomes stronger to win over time and space because you know, in Young

Adult novel love always win.

I loved this book, it takes me to another dimension every time I opened, and that’s the aim of a novel, to make you feel in another dimension staying right where you are.

Moreover, the purpose of a book, there were some logical issues and futile trivial which make this book lacking in logic, creating even more chaos and mess in this already confusing story.

However, I enjoyed the reading, and I liked the idea, the characters are realistic, and the reading is fluent.

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

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