200,000 Promised Starter-Homes Never Built

The government promised to build 200,000 starter homes for first time buyers in 2014, but isn't able to deliver.

Insensitivity in Politics: Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton fired over insensitive comments on Islamophobia.
Potential Ban on Wet Wipes in the UK

Potential Ban on Wet Wipes in the UK

Very soon we might not be able to use a product we are pretty much used to using daily. UK bans wet wipes

Dear Government

Dear Government, This one’s for you. Dear Government, I’m not blaming you. Dear Government, you’re so powerful you run a country, yet you forgot that we run it too. Dear Government, I’m trying to comprehend that your mind is not as fluid.…

Unauthorised Meetings with Israeli Officials

International development secretary Priti Patel announced her resignation where she admitted to holding a series of unauthorized meetings with Israeli officials on November 8th. Labour has now asked Theresa May to explain how and when the…

Hidden Voices: Media Representation

Hidden Voices is ScribersHive's new podcasting programme hosted by our writers and creative artists discussing current events. Each episode is scheduled once a month and gives our audience a chance to hear different perspectives on the issues…

What of the thousands dying on our streets?

The homeless are often forgotten in our busy modern lives, passed by many as lazy, frauds and drunkards, in all the discussion we can forget is the abject poverty these people face. Through the harsh rain and freezing cold, those without homes…

How Politics Sways The Media?

In January of this year, Whitehouse spokesman Sean Spicer puzzled many with his “alternative facts” and greatly overshadowed an arguably greater issue with President Trump's Executive Order against Obamacare. This happens more than you think.…

Poverty in Britain

It’s a bit odd isn’t it? There is poverty in Britain. Poverty in the nation that once ruled the waves. Poverty in the fifth richest country in the world. It’s an oxymoron. According to 21st Century Challenges, poverty is, “people whose…