Now the default emoji on a phone
That signifies colour of my skin tone

Is literally a steaming pile of B S
Kind of sad – when 60 percent

Of the world’s population is Asian
Tech probably made by a brown person

So de facto – mode of comms defies logic
I highlight it to showcase the sloppy

Twisted and glossy way we emboss
New types of age old hocus pocus

How do I opt-out of micro-transgressions?
I’m tired of the dominant minority

Making the many converse
As if we are all verbal out houses

When I punch in a face let it be factual
I’m staring at this surface barely holding on

Guess what – they tell me that it’s natural
Meanwhile: skin bleaching profits soar

You can take to the blogs and call me P C
But this is about B S, not existential stress

Crises of comfort wrapped up in nonsense
Absurd to be disproportionate & a turd

And I didn’t even mention that statistically
Online users are majority non-European…

My mouth, it could smile in any type of hue
I guess it’s just odd that from the very get-go

It grins a picture – so very skewed

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