Ask More, Assume Less

"Out of everyone else in the world that could've been the barriers to your dreams, why did it have to be your parents?"

The Face of Unholy Emojis

Now the default emoji on a phone That signifies colour of my skin tone

I Wish You Did

I never got to say good-bye to my grandfather and to this day I still fight the thoughts of not giving him more attention when I should have the most. I wish I could apologize and make it up to him. He's lifted me to be a paragon of virtue and class yet even months after his passing, I find myself stuck in the valley of fallen kings.

A Study in Translation (Tableau)

Half a persona poem disguised as protest poetry, this is a dialogue between the Orientalist objectification and consumption of Asian bodies as commodities, and the consumption of POC struggle stories as commodities. This comes at a time when diversity has entered into mainstream debate, and calls for diverse representation are swaying executive decisions in Hollywood. Challenging this, among other liberal assumptions of the East Asian experience in the Western cultural sphere, this poem questions my market value as a creator beyond my racialised identity.

The ethnicity tick box

A poem about the struggles of being mixed race in a society that only views being mixed race as half white and half black, rather than the many other mixes.