The number of family doctors is decreasing each day, especially in rural areas. Eventually, due to budget cuts, bureaucracy, and lack of understanding, family medicine will not be available any more. 

You study six years in university, three or four is the residency and after all these years, to wake up in a village where the population is so low, SIUI (Information System of Social Health Insurance) is not working so you need to stay up all night registering the dates, it won’t bring you income.

Also there is a lot of stupid information that doesn’t focus on medicine, why does that doctor need to go to that place? This happens in a lot of villages. 

Moreover, their schedule is like two days per week and they are poorly equipped. The places are even in very small rooms from the municipality with some sanitary kits, too small for a real consultation. 

In the cities family doctors are not that useful because people go straight to the hospital. But in villages, what if there is an emergency and the doctor is not there?

Because of these things the patients don’t go to the family doctor anymore for prescriptions, they prefer to go to the emergency unit. 

Here they wait for the whole day, but they do that because they know that in the end somebody will help them. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will save your life!

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