As I sit down looking at this ginormous computer screen, words are running riot in the back of my head. Loads of em’, big and small, yet nothing really seems to formulate into actual useful information.

The rioters that get beat down evaporate and shoot up my scalp into warm fumes for the atmosphere to breathe in.

I get more fidgety, clenching my right fist and tapping my toes looking for a way to just splatter all the ideas I have in my head onto canvas.

But there’s no greater venom than your own mind.  Its toxins put you in a state of ambiguity.

In these situations it often feels like the hook of a giant crane is trying to pull my soul out of my body but I just refuse to let go.

This state of mental paralysis is what I’ve been dealing with for the last six months or so.

As I highlighted previously in The Midday Slump, when it comes to writing my own content, something just puts me off.

I drafted this specific piece back in March, but only now have I managed to get back to it and attempt to finish.

It’s a difficult game between the fool and his kryptonite.

Writer’s block has really killed the writer in me. But someone keeps casting a resurrection spell on my clueless corpse of a mind.

Memories of my publishing capabilities come back and tell me to snap out of it. To stop pushing aside the articles and start balancing between ScribersHive and You Press projects.

Sure, we’ve carried out projects successfully, but it’s come at the cost of me relying on interns to publish weekly on the platform while I focus on other things.

Not any more. I will win the fight against the fool within myself and turn out victorious.


Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

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